The Aurora Explorer

Wade, Robyn, Robyn's mom, Robyn's aunt, Robyn's other aunt and Robyn's brother spent the (almost) week from July 6 to July 9 aboard the Aurora Explorer.  This was Robyn's way of getting revenge on Wade for the two times that he forced her to attend Richards' family reunions.

It was a bit claustrophobic at times, but we managed to return with as many people as we left with, so it was a good trip.

The Aurora Explorer is a working freight ship that makes deliveries to the logging and fishing camps up the B.C. coast.  In addition to it's freight hauling business, the ship carries 8 passengers, who are treated to some spectacular scenery, good cooking, and relaxation.

Here's the nicest logging camp we visited.

Logging camp without litter

This camp had a really smart and friendly dog (whom I named "Tawny", only to distinguish it from the stupid black dog they also had).  Ian played catch with him for about 1/2 hour.
Ian and Tawny

Some of the scenery that makes the trip worthwhile.
Blue sea, blue sky, blue mountains.  Monochromatic picture

A rich-person's fishing camp.  You can't make out the 9-hole golf course from this shot, but it's there.
fishing camp

A nice waterfall.

The same one, up closer.  We actually parked the ship right in the spray for a while to clean off the deck (and entertain the passengers).
A different waterfall (in spite of what the text says)

This is Church House, an old native residential school.  It's been abandoned for about 10 years.  Everyone says it's spooky, but I didn't see that at all (maybe because it was such a nice sunny day).
Church House

The gang's all here.  From left to right, they are: Hilary Stewart, Heather Stewart, Anna Stewart, Robyn Stewart, Ian Stewart and Jeannie.  (Note, many of these links have absolutely nothing to do with the people pictured below, except for sharing a name.)

Hilary and Heather are Robyn's aunts, Anna is Robyn's mother, Robyn is my lovely wife, Ian is Robyn's brother, Jeannie is Ian's girlfriend, and I'm in the extreme foreground taking the photo.  Jeannie wasn't on the trip, she joined us after the trip, at Hilary's beautiful house (in the background).
The gang

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