Microsoft PDC in Denver

This year's PDC was in Denver, CO. After the PDC, Wade and a few of his co-workers spent a little time exploring the area. These photos are from the Bear lake area, West of Boulder, CO.

The inside of our mini-van. It wasn't nearly this clean when we were done with it.
A parking meter with a difference!
Some elk, hiding behind some trees.
More elk, fewer trees.
Look, it's a mountain!
Francis is wondering why I insist on taking his photo.
Dave almost escaped, but he's not fast enough for my wide-angle lens.
Wade and Francis, shot by Ryan.
It's a bird. Honest! It's just poorly lit.
Alberta falls.
Another bird.
Another shot by Ryan.

More birds. As you can guess, I like birds

This time Francis took the shot. Sorry 'bout the colours, but it's the best I could do with the equipment (and skills) I have.