Good eating in New Orleans

Name of Restaurant  When we ate there  What we ate  Comments 
Anita's Saturday (6th) Fried chicken Best chicken I ever ate.
Tomato festival Sunday (7th) (afternoon) BBQ alligator kabobs, Jamaican patties, and onion roses.  Two thirds of us drank beer, the remainder had iced tea. The Tomato Festival featured lots of good food (much, but not all of it tomato based), street performers, marching bands, and beer. 
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe Sunday (7th) Vegan rice thing, Jambalaya Great food, good beer (although Wade ordered the wrong sort), and awesome music.  Good evening altogether.
the Crescent City Brewhouse Monday (8th) (lunch) Pizza (as an appetizer), Turtle Chilli, Cajun Chicken, Tuna <something> Creole. The beer was good (surprising for the States).  We had $0.50 off beer tokens (doubloons), and two 2-for-1 entree coupons. They would not let us use a 2-for-1 coupon on an appetizer, so we had to choose the pizza entree for our appetizer.
Domino's "room service" Monday (8th)  pizza We were too tired to go out again
Mr. B's Bistro Tuesday (9th) Crawfish etouffe, ???, ??? The fanciest restaurant we dined at (see "K-Paul's", below).
Pete Fountain's Club Tuesday (9th) Coke, rum and fruit juice You go here for the music, not for the drinks, and certainly not for the service.  The scowling server explained that the first drink is free (thanks to the $19.00 cover charge), and others cost $4.00 each.  If so, the first drink was worth what we paid for it, but I doubt the others would be.
Cafe Du Monde Tuesday (9th) beignets Nice atmosphere (outdoor).  Lots of powdered sugar on the beignets.
PJ's Wednesday (10th) iced coffee While wandering around in the garden district.
the Gazebo Wednesday (10th) Cheese-stuffed jalapenos, blackened catfish, Chicken Algiers and Cajun chicken. We didn't like the jalapenos, Wade didn't like the catfish.  Robyn and Dan liked their food. 
Music was awful.  Dan said: "I know improvisation is an integral part of Jazz, but aren't you supposed to improvise in the same key as the other musicians?"  The headliner played sax poorly, trombone worse, and didn't know how to play the flute at all.  Unfortunately, he insisted on using all three instruments.
Mandina's Thursday (11th) Fried chicken, pork chops Dan and Robyn had the chicken, and reported that it wasn't as good as Anita's.  Wade had pork chops, they were the best he's ever had (even better than Mom's but don't tell her).
Pat O'Brien's Thursday (11th) Hurricanes (and "Eye of the Hurricane" for the non-drinker) Wow, those Hurricanes are dangerous!  Each one is 4 oz rum and 4 oz Hawaiian punch.  They taste strong, but smooth.  Two drinks doesn't seem like too many, but trust me, it is.  There were a couple of women playing the piano, too.  At least, I think there were two of them.  Maybe I was seeing double.
Concession stand at the Zoo Friday (12th) pizza, tortilla chips, ice cream Lunch
Crawgators Friday (12th) "Crawgator" appetizer, meat pies, Po boy, muffuletta The waiter thinks he's Eddie Murphy.  Crawgator (a mix of breaded crawfish tails and ground 'gator patties) was highly recommended, but underwhelmed everyone.  Muffuletta is big!  We had some amber beer, which we didn't like but we were thirsty enough to have two anyway.
Oak Alley Plantation Saturday (13th) (lunch) Jambalaya, chicken and sausage gumbo, roast beef po boy, smoked sausage po boy Jambalaya was served with mushy peas, to Robyn's surprise.  The gumbo was surprisingly rich.  The po boy wasn't very impressive.
K-Paul's Saturday (13th) nothing It was highly recommended, so we waited in line for 1/2 hour, and then had a look at the prices and decided that we didn't want to eat there that badly.
Masparo's Saturday (13th) deep-fried catfish, spaghetti and meatballs, veggiburger Robyn says I thought the waitress was cute.
Wade, Robyn and Dan eat stuff in New Orleans