The Garden District

Here's a bunch of photographs of New Orleans' garden district, with some witty remarks and explanations.

 A house with a historic plaque on its fence.


The historic plaque

A cemetery.  Because of the really high water table (New Orleans is basically a swamp, so the water table is no more than a couple of feet down), they can't bury people.  Instead, everyone is entombed in above-ground tombs, some of which are very ornate.  Although I would have loved to say "encrypted in crypts", I've been informed by one person and two dictionaries that a crypt is, by definition, underground.

This is one of the many old houses in the district that Anne Rice (Interview with A Vampire) owns. She spent some of her childhood here, and then once she became rich and famous she bought it (as well as most of the other houses in the neighbourhood).  Soon she'll be the only person sitting on the Neighbourhood Association Committee.

Right across the street is another old house that has now been turned into a private girls' school.  No word on whether or not Anne attended this school while she lived across the street.

There were a lot of even nicer houses in the area, but they are all so big that my puny camera couldn't photograph them.  These are the only ones I could get far enough away from to photograph.