Swamp Tour

(If these pictures appear sideways, try reloading the page.  Or tilt your head, whichever is easier.)

Off in the distance, an alligator begins to stalk the boat, and the intrepid tourist readies his camera.

This photo was taken a fraction of second after the 'gator's mighty jaws clamped shut on a defenseless marshmallow.

Here's a good look at the gator.  I would have gotten closer, but that would have required me balancing myself on top of the tourists who were on that side of the boat, and I didn't want to risk falling in and getting my camera wet.

This is an egret.  At least, I think it's an egret.  However, the person in our party who is good at recognising birds says it's a Great Blue Heron, and the person in our party with a good memory says that the tour guide identified it as a Great Heron or something.
It looks kinda transparent, but I think that is a result of me blowing up the picture.  I don't think that the bird is actually transparent.

This photo is roughly the same place as the egret/GBH/GHos appeared.  Perhaps the bird really is transparent, and that's why I can't find it in this picture.  Or maybe there's something else interesting in this picture.  If anyone finds something interesting in this picture, please let me know.

Below are two marshmallow-eating swamp pigs.  Since they aren't afraid of the water, they stand a good chance of becoming alligator food.  However, we all hope that they manage to avoid the 'gators until BBQ season.

There is a turtle on this log.

That's all, folks.